Does life consist of little else other than "Work, Eat, Sleep?"

Are you really living the Life you wish to experience right now?

Or are you stuck in a place you don't want to be in, without the necessary clarity to shift forwards?

Unlock Your Ultimate Potential so that you can Thrive not Survive

Would you love to Flip your Mindset Switch so that you are always making decisions which serve you, not sabotage you?

Shift from Chaos to Clarity and create more Freedom and Abundance using the Mindful Manifesting Method (MMM)

We are all Manifesting in every single moment of NOW.

We simply need to learn how to create more of what we DO wish to experience and less of what we DON'T.


Mindful manifesting
Mindful Manifesting

Would you like to create and experience a Life where you feel Free, Successful and Abundant?

Where life flows more easily and effortlessly and you reignite your passion and drive?

Our 1:1 high value Coaching gives you the expert advice you need so that you are always moving confidently towards the life of your dreams.

Hi,we are Julie & Shane

We empower professional women to break free and unlock their ultimate potential - shift from chaos to clarity and create a life of freedom, success and abundance.

Mindful Manifesting


Our programmes give you the fastest way to Unlock Your Ultimate Potential as a professional woman.


  • Shift quickly from Chaos to Clarity so that you start achieving your goals and dreams
  • Live a life of Freedom, Success and Abundance while still following your passion and making a difference
  • Experience more balance in your work/home life so that you have quality time to spend with friends and family
  • Have time to take care of your own needs and focus on your health and well being
  • Feel satisfied and fulfilled in more areas of your life

New Beginnings

Mind Reset Programme

6 week programme

  • Start each day feeling positive and motivated so that you can create decisive goals and actions.
  • Experience more calm and clarity in everyday situations.
  • Reignite your passion and drive for life and gain a new perspective in all areas of your life.

Fast Track Programme

90 day programme

  • Do you feel like something is missing and there just HAS to be more to life?
  • Build on your mindset techniques to break the chains that keep you trapped in a situation that you do NOT want to be in.
  • Take the deep journey back to self so that you can start to create and manifest more of what you DO want to experience.
Transformation and Emergence

Individual Mentorship

180 day programme

  • Do you feel that life consists of little else other than "Work, Eat, Sleep?"
  • Go deep with our programme specifically customised for YOU and create far reaching Life changes.
  • Remove sabotaging blocks and obstacles so that life flows more easily and effortlessly.
  • Leave the old version of you behind and step into the brand new you.